Your Database on the Web or Intranet in Minutes

PHP Code Generator Pro:
You don't have to be a geek to put your MySQL Database on the Web or your Intranet.

(But either way you'll save a ton of time)

Save time and money

Slashes Development Time & Costs

It helps you stay under-budget by generating Feature Rich, Ajax-enabled Web Applications for your Database in Minutes - You don't have to write a single line of code.

Secure, Robust and Extensible Web Applications

Secure, Robust & Extensible Web Apps

No need to waste precious time testing/debugging code or looking for security holes - the Apeel Framework is tried and tested, and is easy to learn and extend.

Video Introduction to Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro

Click the video below to watch a brief introduction to the highlights of Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro and the Web Applications it generates.

Introduction to Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro

Product Highlights:

  • User Friendly

    Easy to Use - Anyone can crank out polished Web Apps in minutes

    Simply connect to your database, review the intelligent default settings, hit "Generate" and you're done - it's the hassle-free way to create stunning PHP/MySQL Web Applications.

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  • Introduction to Forms

    Advanced PHP Forms with Ajax functionality

    Automatically generates Ajax PHP Data-Entry forms - say goodbye to the boring, repetitive grind of creating them by hand! It does all the hard, mundane work for you and packs in lots of advanced features.

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  • Generate Applications in English, Spanish, German or add your own translations

    Simply select the human language you wish to target when you generate your application and all the text in your Web Application will be in that language. We are adding more languages all the time and you can easily add your own translations!

  • Generates High Quality Scripts

    Produce High Quality, Extensible Web Apps

    GEEK ALERT! If you've avoided code generators because of garbage spaghetti code then look again - Apeel is an Object-Oriented, DRY, MVC Open-Source Framework utilising best-of-breed Open-Source libraries and is designed to be easy to learn, adapt and extend.

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