Put a MySQL Database on the Web:
Step by Step Tutorial

Step #6: Advanced Options & Polishing

Lets return to Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro database window. It contains a tree-like structure representing the database.  Table Branches can be expanded to see the fields within that table by clicking the "+". 

Database Structure

You will see that the label column defaults to a more human readable version of the field name using artificial intelligence based on common field naming practices.  Whilst generally doing a good job, there are times where you may wish to change the default text - simply click on the existing value and edit it! 


Each field has a general editor type, and many also have a subtype.  The options available will depend on what is appropriate for the database field type. 

Lookup fields also require the name of the lookup table to be set. 


You will notice that Language_ID and Original_Language_ID are both correctly set to link to the Language table.  APEEL PHP/MySQL Code Generator was able to make the connection automatically because the Sakila database has foreign keys setup which define all the links in the database. 

But what if your database doesn't have foreign keys setup?  (e.g. MyIsam tables for example at time of writing do not support foreign keys) - it would still be able to automatically set the link for language_id as it matches the identity column in the language table - however it would have no way of automatically detecting the link for Original_Language_ID - as partial matching of field names generally ends up with too many "false positives". 

Where a particular editor requires additional settings a dropdown button appears in the properties column.


The Properties column dropdown for a table for example allows you to select the default sort field(s) for the data grid, set the ID and Dropdown field(s) for when the table is used as a lookup, and to create virtual Dualist fields. 

Table Properties

When selecting Dropdown value field(s), tick the fields in the order in which you would like them to appear, and if you want any separator between the fields then type the value in the box provided before you tick the next field.

Table Properties

At the right of the data structure grid you will see the following columns:


When ticked the application will not allow you to save a record without entering a value for that field.

Search Criteria

When ticked this field will appear on the Filter dropdown on the data grid. By unticking fields that users are unlikely to use in a filter, it makes it easier to find the fields they require.

Grid Alignment

Allows you to select whether the field is left, right or center justified on the grid. Choose "Not on Grid" to remove the field from the data grid.

Grid Properties

Changing field order

To change the field order on the Grid or Data Entry form simply select "Menu / Data Entry Order" or "Search Grid Order" respectively from the top bar, then simply drag the fields into the order you would like them to appear in. Unticking the checkbox beside a field/table will remove it from the Data Entry form.

Likewise, you can change the order of Tables on the menu by selecting "Menu / Data Entry Order" and dragging the tables into the order you would like them to appear in.

Field Order

That sums up the key features of APEEL PHP/MySQL Code Generator. In the next section we will look at How to install web application on a web server.