Put a MySQL Database on the Web:
Step by Step Tutorial

Step #3: Build & Test your Web Application

Build Application Screen

The default Application Name is "Apeel PHP Code Generator PRO Demo" and can be changed to whatever title you wish to give it. The title you specify appears at the top of the generated Web Application.

Although you can create/install variations of the framework, by default there is currently only one, so just accept the default one.

Your application should always have a hard-coded master user in case for example you delete all the records in your users table. In a production environment you would never use guest/guest as the username and password, but since we are testing just leave the settings as they are.

Notice it has found that the staff table in Sakila contains a "username" and "password" field and has correctly identified that this table is used for user authentication. It's even identified correctly that the password field is encrypted using SHA1. You should leave these settings as they are.

Finally, Output Path will usually try to locate the location of your root web folder and create a new folder in that location. If your web server is in an unusual location or you wish to change the location then please do so. The Preview URL tries to work out the URL for testing out your application based on the Output Path location. If it is incorrect then please correct it - it should normally be http://localhost/the_directory_where_you_created_your_application.

Once you are ready click the "Generate Application" button.

Application Built Screen

Generating your application for the first time will typically take around 30 seconds (dependant on the speed of your PC) as it has to copy all the Framework files over. Rebuilds are much quicker as it only re-generates the dynamic files.

Click the "Launch Application" button to view the application in your default Web Browser.

Web Application

Your default browser should launch and display the splash screen of your Web Application.

No Browser? If your browser doesn't automatically launch then it could be a problem with your browser installation or a program blocking it. If it doesn't automatically launch then copy+paste the URL from the program, manually launch your browser and paste in the URL.

Problem with Web Application?If your browser launches but you get a blank page or an error message then it is most likely a permissions issue.

The Smarty Templating engine used by the APEEL Framework needs write access to a folder called templates_c in the root folder of your web application (i.e. at the same level as the Application and Framework folders). If it doesn't already exist then please create it.

In Windows Explorer right click on the folder, select the Security Tab and click "Add".

Click "Advanced" then beside "Starts With" enter "IUSR_" and click "Find Now".

It should list the IUSR_computername Internet User account - Click "OK" twice.

Now tick "Full Control" under the "Allow" column and hit "OK".

If you wish to upload files repeat the process for the /Application/UploadFiles folder.

Try your Web Application Again - if it still doesn't work please click the "Support" option on our website.

Once you are ready, please click the Login button in your Web Application.

Login Screen

Enter guest as the username and guest for the password, hit the "Login" button.


Pass the mouse over the "Admin" menu option and select "Film" from the menu that pops up.


You should now see the Data Grid for the Film table which is ordered by Film Title. You are ready to move to Step 4: Ajax Data Grid Feature Tour.