Put a MySQL Database on the Web:
Step by Step Tutorial

Step #2: Retrieve your Database Structure

With our working environment ready we now create our project by following these simple steps:

Start Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro

New Project Button

Click the "Create New Project" button on the Welcome Screen. (If you have already closed the welcome screen simply click the "New Project" button on the menu at the top of the screen).

Database Connection Screen

Enter connection details for your database. If using XAMPP then leave Host set to localhost and Port as 3306. Enter root as the User and leave the password blank (these are the default settings for a XAMPP installation).

Select Database Screen

When you click the "Connect & Retrieve list of available MySQL Databases" button, if your connection details are entered correctly then it will populate the database list and show "Please Select ->". Drop down the list to select a database.

If the Sakila demo database hasn't already been installed then the "Create and Select Sakila Demo Database" button will appear at the bottom of the page - Click it and confirm the prompt.

Alternatively, if you already have Sakila installed simply select it from the dropdown "Database" list and hit the OK button when it appears.

Table Structure

The structure of the database will be displayed in a treelist. We will return to this later, for now simply click the "Generate Application" button and proceed to Step 3: Build and Test your Application.