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City Business Logic News (Press Releases)

All our recent press releases relating to City Business Logic and Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro are gathered together on this page in PDF and Plain-Text formats for your convenience.

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New Software simplifies making MySQL Databases accessible via Web or Intranet
January 23rd 2012

Summary: Giving end-users the facility to view and update data in a MySQL Database over the web traditionally meant writing, testing and debugging lots of code - typically a time consuming process. However City Business Logic claim that their Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro software with minimal user input can create a fully-fledged Ajax enabled CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) "on steroids" Web Application which can also be used as the starting point of a larger application.

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Software Publisher Adopts Radical Solution to Piracy Problem
January 23rd 2012

Summary: Piracy of Digital Intellectual Property is a hot topic due to SOPA and PIPA but City Business Logic who publish software for creating Web Applications claim to have come up with a novel solution to the problem of people using pirated versions of their software. Instead of playing cat-and-mouse with pirate sites, they offer users who cannot afford to purchase their software the option of getting a free license (worth $149) in return for helping to spreading the word.

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