Learn PHP - Frameworks, Object-Oriented Coding Techniques, MVC Design Pattern and Ajax

Your Database on the Web or Intranet in MinutesHave you mastered the basics of PHP such as Variables, Arrays, Loops, Conditionals and Input/Output?

If not, there are lots of beginner PHP courses both online and in your book store - find one that you are comfortable with and you'll find it you are writing PHP code in no time.

Once you are familiar with these basic concepts it's time to take it to the next level - advanced concepts such as Frameworks, Object-Oriented code, Design Patterns such as MVC (Model-View-Controller), Connecting to a Databse, outputting to a Grid, Exporting data as PDFs and so on.

Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro can help - by automatically generating a fully functional Data Entry application straight out of your MySQL Database.

How does this help? By giving you a real world application using best practices you can quickly get under the hood and find out what makes it tick. Having an application to play with is much easier to get into rather than a book full of theory that you need to implement.

Introducing the Apeel Framework

Our Apeel Framework was developed to have a much shorter learning curve than the most popular frameworks, it is designed to be simple and easy to follow - which makes it ideal for a learner getting to grips with advanced programming concepts.

It uses popular open source libraries to provide key functionality - meaning that any time you spend getting to grips with them will be well spent as you can leverage that knowledge on non-Apeel projects too.

Promotional Video

Here we have a funny (well, silly at least!) video we've created to illustrate the complexity of getting to grips with advanced PHP concepts

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Happy Learning!