FREE PHP Code Generator for MySQL worth $149.00

Your Database on the Web or Intranet in MinutesYou may already be aware that Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro is the quickest and easiest way to create web applications from your MySQL Database and that it offers excellent ROI (Return On Investment) to IT Professionals priced at $149.00.

But what if you are a cash-strapped student, in-between jobs or live in a low wage country where credit cards aren't widely available?

Some people turn to illegal downloads that often come with unwelcome malware, sometimes too new for your anti-virus software to detect. We found several dodgy downloads on Google and every one of them had hidden nasties.

We have therefore decided to offer LEGAL ways to obtain a FREE license for our software the safe way.

Full Software - No Limitations - No Catches

We've seen many PHP Code Generators that claim to be free - but in reality they have major limitations such as a limited number of tables/fields, or no facility to save your work for example.

These programs are often so restricted that they are completely useless.

With Apeel PHP Code Generator PRO when we say FREE we mean FREE! You get the full, unrestricted software - exactly the same as the bought version.

Simply Choose ONE of the Following Options to Get it for FREE


#1 Try other stuff - get it for FREE with TrialPay

We accept TrialPay as a payment method - all you need to do is complete one of their offers which range from free trials to purchasing goods or services from online retailers (perhaps something you intended buying anyway?) and in return they give us a small fee and you instantly get a license for our software FREE!

#2 Write about Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro

Couldn't find an offer you fancied on TrialPay? Fret not! You can still get it for free by simply by telling the world what you like about it!

Simply Download 30 day trial version and write a Blog, Review or Article about it.

No Blog? No Problem! You can get a free hosted blog from WordPress or Tumblr and many others, or you could be a guest blogger on an established blog, alternatively you could submit it to an article directory or software review site. Once your article is live please post links on Facebook, Twitter etc.

It helps our marketing effort whilst you get to show-off your writing skills and get our software for FREE!

Conditions: Your article must be at least 300 words long, be original, good quality, (i.e. no spun content or articles copied from elsewhere, nor paying someone on Fiverr to write it!) and explain why in your opinion our software is good. It should also contain a backlink to our website. You should write in a language you are confident in. Once you've written your blog entry please Send us your link we will then manually review it and if there are no issues we will issue you a free license within 3 weeks. We may, at our discretion, link to your article from our website. If you delete your article within 6 months, we may revoke your license.

#3 Make a Video about Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro

If you enjoy making videos then why not make one about our software and upload it to a video site? You not only get to show off your video making skills but in return we will give you a free license for Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro!

To get ideas take a look at the videos we made on this page. In each case we found someone on Fiverr (at a cost of just $5) to read our script and did a bit of editing to make it more interesting. You could make it funny, or it could be a serious screencam of a cool feature, or an animation or text describing why you think our software is cool - be creative! (The video below talks about "winning" a copy - but now all entries that meet our conditions will get one)...

Conditions: Your video should be publically available on a video sharing site (please ensure you comply with their Terms and Conditions) and it should be at least 30 seconds long. Please be creative - don't just get a "video testimonial" on Fiverr and put it up without any editing unless it is very good! Once you've uploaded your video to youtube please Send us the link we will then manually review it and if there are no issues we will issue you a free license within 3 weeks. We may, at our discretion, link to your video from our website. If you delete your video within 6 months, we may revoke your license.

Video Gallery

We created some fun and creative videos to publicise that you can get our software for Free. Please check them out and let us know your favourite!

Funny Mime Video Funny 80s style low-budget Video

Funny tale of how a student found a downside to Free Code Generators Promo Video

Funny Testimonial Video Video aimed at Offshore Indian Programmers

What's in it for us?

Developing software costs time+money so why are we giving it away for free?

Well people who purchase our software usually require it for a specific project - and being IT time is usually at a premium. We believe therefore that these users will continue to purchase our software as normal, rather than spend time looking for TrialPay offers that take their fancy, or thinking about things to write. Also, we have to check Blogs/Videos manually before issuing a license and that can take up to 3 weeks (TrialPay is instant).

TrialPay pay us a small amount - a fraction of the normal cost of the software - but we believe these users wouldn't have bought the software any other way, so they are in fact additional revenue rather than lost revenue.

For users who cannot find an offer that they like in TrialPay (or if they live in a country where TrialPay don't have any offers) then blogging about our software or making a video about it gives us backlinks and helps to spread the word.

Any Questions? Please Contact Us