Download & Installation

System Requirements for Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro

DownloadApeel PHP Code Generator Pro runs on Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000. It requires 512Mb RAM, up to 100mb Disk Space.

To test the Web Applications you generate you will require a working Web Server (e.g. Apache or IIS), PHP and MySQL. If you don't already have these installed we recommend that you download and install XAMPP which is free and automates the process

Download Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro

Try out APEEL PHP/MySQL Code Generator for free with this Fully Functional 30 Day Trial. Download and run this which will prompt you to select where you would like to install the application, and to select which components you want to install.

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Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro (MySQL Trial Edition)

(Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8)

Installation Instructions for Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro

Step One - Run the Setup Program

Once the download is complete you should have a file in your downloads folder called

Zip File

Double-click on it and you should see two files setup.exe and apcgp.xml

Zip Program

Double-Click on setup.exe. You should now see the User Account Control (UAC) confirmation dialog (unless running Windows XP or UAC is turned off).

User Account Control

In the dialog "Verified publisher:" should always say "City Business Logic Limited". If it doesn't the security seal of the file has been tampered with, and it SHOULD NOT be installed, instead please contact us for further advice.

Step Two - Follow the Prompts

The Installer program takes the form of a step-by-step wizard. The first page is the Welcome Screen and will appear shortly. It will advise you to close other running programs, though you may wish to ignore this advice, and only go back and heed it if you have problems.

Installer Welcome Page

Hit the "Next" button to see the License screen. Read the terms of the license and click the Acceptance checkbox so that you can proceed

Installer License Page

Step Three - Select Modules to Install

Hit the "Next" button and you should shortly see a list of available modules with a checkbox beside each.

Module Selection Page

Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro (the program) and Apeel Framework (the framework) are both essential for any installation. The remaining options are optional

PhpExcel is an advanced open source library for creating sophisticated Excel Spreadsheets - it is a large download so only tick the box if you require this functionality.

GeoIP is a library which looks at the users IP address and identifies their city (with a claimed accuracy of around 98%). This library is very large so only download if you require this functionality.

Path Selection Page

Hit the "Next" button and you will be prompted to select a path where you would like to install the application (the framework and any chosen modules will be installed under that folder). Use "Browse" to visually select a folder.

Download Progress Window

Please ensure you are connected to the Internet and hit the "Next" button and the latest version of the chosen modules will be downloaded. The Progress Window shows an estimated time remaining.

Installation Complete Page

Step Four - Try it out!

When all chosen modules have finished downloading you will see the "Installation Complete" page. Simply ensure that the Launch checkbox is ticked and hit the "Finish" button

Application Running

The program should now start - Congratulations! Installation is complete and you are ready to use Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro.

Consider following our Step-by-Step guide to building a Web Application for the MySQL Sakila demo database.